Will Qualcomm Release a New Processor to Compete with Apple M1?

هل تطلق كوالكم معالج جديد منافس لمعالج ابل M1

Apple caused a great shock to all global processor makers after it announced the new M1 series chips in 2020 – alright, we are definitely talking about Apple.

Apple made use of all its power for its new ARM chips, and currently, all competitors are trying to catch up, and this has become crystal clear through Qualcomm’s announcement as it is seeking to develop new competitive processing chips, which prompted it to acquire Nuvia.

It seems that we are close to witnessing a strong rival from Qualcomm ARM-based chips for Windows-powered PCs. That means we are going to move on to an upper level in the chip industry, where ARM-based chips for Windows-powered computers will become a reality that many have deemed impossible over the past decade.

Processing chips ARM-based are designed for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other pocket devices.

Suddenly and without warning, Apple decided to get out of the tunnel in 2020 and developed its own amazing M1 series chipsets for companies’ desktops and laptops. Some believe that Apple’s move was a blow to Intel.

Qualcomm, the leading manufacturer of Snapdragon chips for smartphones, is seemingly following in Apple’s footsteps, but the only question remains, can Qualcomm succeed in its endeavor? It is striving to release ARM-based chips for Windows-powered PCs.

According to the latest reports, the American company “Qualcomm” has been working for almost a year to develop new processing ARM-based chips for personal computers. So, it is on the right track, as the CEO has already stated the company’s intentions to announce the new chips sometime in 2023.

We cannot speculate anything about the specifications of this new chipset, or its power. However, the only thing we are sure of is that these chipsets will be less powerful in terms of performance compared to future Apple chips.

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