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After a long, tiring, and hard-working day, games are a great way to entertain and kill boredom, provided they are fun games that help you meditate, relax, enjoy their beautiful arts, coexist, and adapt. Only through such games, you can tell your friends that they are “really” fun games. You don’t have to play Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, or similar. Quite a few game titles that you’ve probably hardly heard of despite being absolutely fantastic are the ones that keep you entertained while playing them.

With the improvement in technology, you see games with unbelievably realistic graphics these days that make you live and immerse in their events with all your feelings. Because there are so many of them on the app stores, you may feel like you are in a maze with no beginning or end. However, there are only a few titles you can genuinely consider beautiful in an artistic sense. That’s why we have tested many of them and can guide you to the best gaming titles that look too good for your smartphone. So, we have prepared a list of some of the most beautiful games available on smartphones. Prepare to be amazed.

1- Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery

If you are a fan of story games and suspenseful puzzle-solving gameplay, you will definitely fall in love with Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery. It has a large number of different stages and chapters. Basically, the main character is on an adventure to save her mother by solving riddles and quests. You unlock various chapters and progress the story after completing tasks. This game has impressive graphics. Besides that, the interactive gameplay and the challenge were added by the puzzle set. Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery is free. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

2- Father and Son

 Father and Son are about a son who never knew his archeologist’s father. To find out more about his father, he explores different times and empires and hidden secrets throughout his journey. The game is visually attractive, and the storyline is interesting. It includes various regions such as Naples, Iraq, Egypt, and many ancient civilizations you can explore them and their empires. Father and Son are free to download and play, but you can purchase it to take advantage of the paid features.

3- Sky: Children of the Light

The game’s story is about good spirits and how to help them to bring hope to the world again. In this game, you will face many difficult puzzles and secrets that you will have to solve and deal with wisely to reach the next stage of the new world. Needless to say, this game has stunning gameplay and eye-catching visuals. It is one of the best games. The game is free to download. However, there are in-app purchases to unlock more areas.

4- The Silent Age

It’s impossible to find a fascinating story and an engaging plot like the one in The Silent Age. This 70s-themed game focuses on an adventured-based time travel story of a janitor named Joe who goes on a fantasy adventure. You will have to solve puzzles to open new chapters in the game. The Silent Age has an intriguing environment of gameplay and catchy graphics. The game has two episodes. Episode one is free to play. However, you need to pay five dollars to unlock Episode 2 via an in-app purchase.

5- Alto’s Odyssey

In Alto`s Odyssey, have to run across the dunes while uncovering the hidden treasures and mysteries of the desert. During your journey, you will explore many caves, valleys, and temples filled with treasures. Alto’s Odyssey stands out for its graphics and simple gameplay. You can play it for hours while relaxing.

6- Monument Valley 2

 Monument Valley 2 is a game about a mother and daughter traveling through mysterious places. They must go through shadowy puzzles to keep themselves together. Despite the beauty of the game’s story and simple gameplay, the game is an exemplary depiction of imaginative art and architecture and has eye-catching visual graphics. The background audio is also pretty relaxing to enjoy your time while gaming it without having to play other music. Unfortunately, the game is not free but worth a try.

7- OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Are you a fan of cosmic space games? OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is one of the best cosmic space games available on the official app stores.  OPUS takes place in a world hit by a plague and tells the story of two people who must build a rocket to launch into space to search for new worlds to live in. The background music and atmospheric sound make it more realistic. It is free to start playing, but you need to pay to unlock new stages and the whole story.

8- A Life in Music

 The game’s story is complicated and detailed, yet it is pretty interesting, and you can understand it after spending a short time inside it. A Life in Music is a story of a famous musician. The story starts when he wakes up from a coma and tries to find out what has happened. To proceed further, he must make a series of decisions. If you are a music lover, this game will not disappoint you.


I think everyone is familiar with LIMBO and its new version INSIDE since both games are available on all major operating systems including consoles and PC. LIMBO is a game where you play as a boy who mysteriously ends up in a forest full of traps and will try to make his way forward in an attempt to escape from its monsters and mysterious dangers. The game is quite fun and worth buying right away without regret.

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