The Future of Gaming

Future of Video Gaming

Video games look set to have a dazzling future. Increasing consumer demand, rapid technology advancements, and new monetization models are transforming the industry. Approximately 50% of global revenues could be generated by games over the next five years, according to Bain’s analysis. In addition, gamers have an advantage over other consumers when it comes to virtual worlds-collectively known as the metaverse. This implies that gaming will take consumers’ time away from other forms of media and that it will serve as a platform for both media and non-media experiences, becoming an ever-greater part of their daily lives.

PwC analysts predict gaming revenues will continue to rise due to higher investment in in-app advertising. According to a PwC report, video games made up 6.1% of global entertainment and media spending in 2017, but by 2026 they will claim 10.9% as gaming becomes more mainstream. In 2021, China and the US accounted for about half of the gaming and eSports market. It is possible, however, that future growth could come from countries with a growing population that are less wealthy.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the gaming industry, it is not always easy to reach [gamer] users and provide them with the products they are interested in. What are the best ways for gaming companies to reach their audiences? The answer can be easier than you think, in short, THE DIGITAL VOUCHERS. The key to engaging them is to offer the right set of vouchers. It has been reported that many customers use their gift cards to spend more than the value of the gift card. That is why businesses will be able to generate more revenue by offering codes or gift card programs. A study conducted by the National Retail Federation revealed that gift cards had become the most requested gift this holiday season.

Now that we know your target market, how do you reach them with prepaid cards? Here’s another simple answer: LikeCard.

As one of the fastest-growing prepaid card eCommerce platforms in the MENA Region, LikeCard offers over 70+ leading local and international retailers, 3,000+ cards, and a rapidly growing user base of more than 4 million users. LikeCard has been collaborating with industry-leading gaming brands over the past few years. As well as increasing their revenue and customer base. Over the years, LikeCard has steadily grown into an integral part of the digital ecosystem, recording 8 million+ app downloads on the App Store, Google Play, and Huawei Gallery, 30 million+ orders, 85,000 purchase orders daily, and consistently striving to provide smarter services.

LikeCard has partnered with some of the most successful game consoles worldwide, including the PS4, Steam, Nintendo, and Xbox, as well as leading game publishers such as Tencent, IGG, Garena, FunPlus, Tamatem, and some of the best games like Fortnite, FreeFire, Conquer Online, and more. Besides, LikeCard provides its clients with a Top-ups feature, which lets them charge their accounts through their Game ID.

                               The Most Popular Gaming Products Sold at LikeCard

  Games  Grand TOTAL %
  PUBG    61.85%
  FreeFire    25.64%
  Razer Gold    8.83%
  Roblox   3.67%

Considering the multi-billion-dollar size of the gift card industry, it’s a very significant industry. The consumer’s behavior is evolving into a more digital one. As a result, users are also changing their purchasing decisions, their social networks, and the way they interact with one another.

Incentives such as gift cards can be used in gaming platforms for streaming, player rewards, and disbursements. When our goal is to reach gamers or young audiences, gaming gift cards are a loyalty offering that keeps consumers more closely aligned with a brand, regardless of whether their product is video game related. Furthermore, offering gaming gift cards for engagement purposes is a smart move for fintech and digital businesses looking to increase their user engagement.

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