Singles Day 11.11 – World’s Largest Online Shopping Day

Singles Day 11.11 - World's Largest Online Shopping Day

There is no question that most Chinese shopping takes place online through marketplaces like Tmall Global, JD.com, etc. Singles’ Day 11:11 or Shopping Day Festival–which lasts anywhere between 24 hours to several weeks–has become an integral part of any brand’s China e-commerce trading calendar and e-commerce brand’s worldwide marketing plan.

The History of Singles’ Day

Traditionally, Singles’ Day occurs on Nov. 11 due to the date 11/11 symbolizing four singles standing together. It literally translates as “single sticks holiday.”

Around 1993, Nanjing University students celebrated Bachelor’s Day as an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. One theory suggests that the phenomenon began when four single male students living in Nanjing University’s Mingcaowuzhu dormitory discussed how they could break away from the monotony of singlehood, and decided that Nov. 11 would be a day of celebrations and events. Due to the widespread appeal of these activities at the university and eventually, to other universities, the name was changed to reflect the fact that both men and women participated in these activities.

Interestingly, Singles’ Day has become a popular date for weddings, as well as an occasion for singles to meet and socialize. During the date, the Chinese media discusses and covers relationship-related topics.

Since then, Singles’ Day has spread to other countries. Several European countries, including Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, now celebrate it. The British version was conceived by dating experts and falls on a different day – March 11.

Opportunities for International Brands

International brands have embraced Singles’ Day 11:11 as an unrivaled opportunity to engage loyal customers, launch new products, and gain deep insights into consumers.

Social media and shopping platforms alike are blurring the lines between shopping and entertainment by adding social commerce and promotions to their offerings. Alibaba is known for building up excitement for the shopping event by revealing new features on the site or app only on Shopping Day. With the use of influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), live-streaming and gamification are becoming increasingly popular methods of boosting brand awareness and demand generation.

Singles Day: What offers will be available?

The concrete Offers on Singles Day 2022 Of course we can’t foresee it, but if you look at the best deals of the last few years, price reductions in these product categories are likely:

Various smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other brands. However, since many dealers offer discounts on almost all (tech) products, there is also a good chance of finding an Apple bargain.

PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox: In recent years, both consoles and games have been on sale. Therefore, in 2022, video game enthusiasts are likely to get their money’s worth again.

Gaming and home office: You can also look forward to PC hardware and accessories on Singles Day 2022.

Television and Entertainment: If your home theater needs a refresh, Singles Day 2022 deals are worth checking out. Popular OLED televisions are now available at an affordable price.

Kitchen and Household: Whether it’s a fully automatic coffee machine, an air conditioner, a vacuum robot, or an electric toothbrush you’ll find a variety of bargains in this category on Singles Day 2022.

Prepaid Digital Cards: LikeCard is the first digital prepaid card platform in the MENA region, offering the largest catalog of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 brands ranging from telecom, gaming, e-services, and retail brands, and also has over 8 million users.

Being single makes many people sad. They think it’s negative, but we disagree! Being single allows you to focus on yourself. In addition, it’s said that love of oneself is the key to understanding the love of others, isn’t it? Being single enables you to focus on number one. That is something to be celebrated, not looked down upon! The purpose of this day is to show pride in being single, and it is now celebrated worldwide.

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