Pros & Cons of Playing Video Games on Android Phones


Whether you are a hardcore or an intermittent casual video gamer, smartphones are the best and most convenient way to keep you occupied all the time and to save all your favorite games close at hand.

Phones have come a long way over the past few years to ensure a professional and high-quality gaming experience for all users, which is crystal clear with all the technologies manufacturers are interested in integrating into smartphones.

Currently, Android phone manufacturers are interested in integrating special gaming buttons and dedicated software and apps to enhance gaming performance on phones. The good news is that it has become easy to find many great game names on Google Play Store, which is only a click away from you.

Thinking of Android games, many options are available, including games of battle royale, first-person perspective, war, horror, adventure, car racing, puzzle-solving, RPG, strategy, and a large number of other types of games. In short, you are sure to find your favorite genre on Google Play Store, whether these games are paid or free.

This article will not talk about the advantages of games, but rather about the advantages and disadvantages of playing games on Android phones. Let us dive into it!

Advantages of playing video games on Android mobile phones:

• The positive effects of playing games on Android phones include keeping you busy all the time, enhancing your mental abilities & brainpower, and developing your problem-solving skills, especially puzzle games that sometimes play a very important role in achieving those.

• Comparing video games with social networking & chat apps, you will find that some games require a little focus and thinking outside the box to solve the puzzle or overcome the obstacle that stands in your way, or win against the monster or the evil character. In this way, video games keep on the challenge factor that requires you to turn your mind on, which is missing from social media apps where you do nothing but scroll endlessly to see new videos.

• So, we could say that games help to activate the brain and mental cells that try to do some heavy weight lifting exercises to progress in their stages.

• Games also greatly help in strengthening a person’s concentration, which is a rare feature, and we desperately need it because the digital age we live in does not require much focus on many things.

• So, if you are having difficulty concentrating while attending a class, a university lecture, at a work meeting, or even in a lesson if you are a student, make sure that the games will greatly help in reinforcing your concentration.

• In addition to improving your mental abilities, activating your brain cells, and developing your skills, video games can help with distraction and reduction the level of stress and anxiety.

Disadvantages of playing video games on Android mobile phones:

• Despite the bright side of playing video games on Android phones, we cannot overlook its dark side. It comes with several adverse effects, including shortening the battery life. If you spend most of your free time playing games on your Android phone, you will end up charging it every now and then, which reduces the battery life, and therefore you will need a new phone after less than one year of use.

• If you are a fan of games on PC or consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you will feel a bit frustrated with games on Android because they are not as good as the graphics on the main platforms.

• Besides the difficulty control of the screen, playing games on a smartphone has another drawback, as the screen often responds incorrectly and sometimes freezes completely, which makes hardcore gamers depressed.

• Games can cause addiction, which is very negative and dangerous for human health and social life. You will annoy your parents, partner, or friends if gaming is all you care about. It can also affect your mental health and cause increased tension, fatigue nerves in your fingers, or eyestrain.

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