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New Partnership Brings LikeCard and Deliveroo Together

شراكة جديدة بين لايك كارد ومنصة دليفرو

Food delivery platforms are a popular way to get your favorite food quickly. Previously, food delivery service has been limited for years to certain restaurants. However, services like Deliveroo break the rules, as they not only keep you from waiting at the door of restaurants but also have made it so handy to get food delivered to your door. Therefore, LikeCard sought to establish partnerships with the most important of these platforms to offer its users the possibility to benefit from them.

LikeCard Announces Partnership with Deliveroo, Food Delivery App

LikeCard and Deliveroo launched a new partnership to supply prepaid e-cards and allow Deliveroo users who do not have credit cards to enjoy an invaluable opportunity to capitalize on the services provided by Deliveroo easily and securely, including offers and delivery orders from the best and number-one brands.

Future Goals

This partnership comes within Likecard’s goal and vision to increase and strengthen partnerships and cooperation with the most substantial local companies. Among the most prominent recent of them is the collaboration with Deliveroo, one of the best e-platforms for delivery services of various needs, such as food, groceries, medical essentials, household items, and others.

Customers First

This dynamic agreement expresses the commitment to reach the largest possible number of users to let them enjoy the services brought to them by LikeCard and Deliveroo, including offers and many others.

LikeCard helped Deliveroo to deliver its services to all UAE citizens and thus increase its customer base. Deliveroo’s services are now available only in the UAE, and it is possible to expand into more countries in MENA.

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a delivery platform that connects consumers with restaurants and groceries effortlessly, safely, and conveniently through fast, reliable, and traceable online ordering. Deliveroo offers delivery services from the best and most influential brands in the UAE to provide users with all available options that suit their interests and preferences.

 About LikeCard

LikeCard is the #1 Prepaid Card eCommerce Platform in the MENA Region, flaunting a proud catalog of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands. LikeCard also has 8m+ users, and 85,000+ purchase orders daily.

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