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New Cards Unleashed to Target Broader Range of Users

Continuously, LikeCard is developing its services and gift cards addressed to its valuable customers to keep abreast of all their aspirations and provide various ways that ensure easy access to its services.

Two of the most newly prominent invented cards are “LikeCard Voucher” and “LC Coins”. These two cards are a huge opportunity for customers to enjoy LikeCard content in simple and diverse methods.

LikeCard Vouchers:

LikeCard Vouchers enable users to recharge their LikeCard wallet, which allows them to purchase from LikeCard various products and gift cards such as iTunes, STC, FreeFire, and many more.

LC Coins Cards:

These cards are used to recharge LC Coins, which allows them to purchase sub-services offered by the LikeCard app, such as ChallengeX Mini Games cards, Shooot, Klik, and many others.

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