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LikeCard & KT Gamez Partnership Opens Doors to a New World of Games

لايك كارد ومنصة KT Gamez

LikeCard, the leading platform in MENA for prepaid e-cards, concluded a new cooperation agreement with the KT Gamez by Khaleej Times, the leading hypercasual gaming and eSports platform in the GCC.

This agreement stems from the leadership of LikeCard in the field of e-commerce by offering a wide range of prepaid cards, including gaming, telecommunications, music, and many others. The alliance expresses the commitment of both LikeCard and KT Gamez to provide remarkable content and deliver it perfectly to their customers in the easiest possible way and safest methods.

The goal of this partnership lies in supplying LikeCard’s users with KT Gamez cards. KT Gamez has more than 250 games in various genres created by an innovative team of gamers to cater to audiences of all ages.

The signing of this partnership was in the presence of Ammar Alsoos, CEO of LikeCard, who in turn welcomed this new cooperation with the KT Gamez, considering it the fruit of success for both parties and a significant step towards opening up fascinating content to the customers’ base of the two platforms, besides unique and unparalleled service.

About KT Gamez

KT Gamez is a gaming website that contains over 250 hyper-casual games that span a wide range of genres like puzzles, arcades, educational, action, and sports. An innovative team of designers, artists, managers, and programmers oversees game development at KT Gamez, who are dedicated to creating irresistible games that amaze, excite, and entertain users. The games of KT Gamez are intended to be lightweight with insignificant onboarding so users can quickly play at a click and enjoy the gameplay.

Since customers are of the highest priority, KT Gamez has a new daily rewards program, allowing players to enjoy and be rewarded every time they beat the daily challenges. KT Gamez aims to stimulate the players’ minds, educate them, and encourage them to play sports.

About LikeCard

LikeCard is the #1 Prepaid Card eCommerce Platform in the MENA Region, flaunting a proud catalogue of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands. LikeCard also has 5m+ users and 85,000+ purchase orders daily.





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