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LikeCard and Batal Gaming Announce a Strategic Partnership to Enhance the eGaming Experience

LikeCard and Batal Gaming Announce a Strategic Partnership to Enhance the eGaming Experience

LikeCard, the leading company in prepaid digital cards, and Batal Gaming, the regions leading esports platform, announced a strategic partnership to improve the players’ experience by delivering integrated and innovative services in the world of electronic games.

According to this partnership, LikeCard will offer the services and cards of Batal Gaming on its website and app, and Batal Gaming, in return, will supply LikeCard vouchers as prizes for gamers through its platform. This cooperation intends to combine the experience of LikeCard in digital cards with the professionalism of Batal Gaming and those in charge of it in the field of organizing competitive tournaments for gaming enthusiasts.

This collaboration between LikeCard and Batal Gaming is a significant step in the world of competitions between gamers, where innovation and technology are united to achieve a unique and entertaining gaming experience for users. This partnership will strengthen the status of the two companies in the gaming market and open the doors to new and exciting opportunities for players.

Ammar Al-Soos, CEO of LikeCard, stated: “We are excited about working with Batal Gaming to provide a new opportunity for players to benefit from our advantages. Through this partnership, we confirm our constant striving to boost the gamers’ experience and equip them with an integrated interactive platform.”

About Batal Gaming

Batal Gaming is the MENA’s first on demand esports matchmaking platform. We fill a void in the regions gaming ecosystem by giving the opportunity for Gamers to play their favorite video games against one another for the chance to win cash prizes. Our proprietary technology allows users a fully automated experience that matches opponents based on their skill level and verifies results. Batal Gaming is a platform that fosters a safe and regulated environment that will protect gamers and the legitimacy of competitive gaming in the region.

About LikeCard

LikeCard is the #1 prepaid card e-Commerce platform in the MENA, flaunting a proud catalog of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands. LikeCard also has 8m+ users and 85,000+ purchase orders daily.






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