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HungerStation and LikeCard Partnership to Provide Alternative Payment Solutions

لايك كارد ومنصة هنقرستيشن تجمعهما شراكة جديدة

Both “HungerStation” and LikeCard companies signed a quality partnership during the last quarter of 2022, aiming to supply prepaid e-cards to users of the ” HungerStation” application in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This partnership provides users with a valuable opportunity to purchase through the application without needing a bank account or credit card.

This cooperation comes after the continuous successes achieved by HungerStation application on the one hand and LikeCard’s excellent approach in providing prepaid cards and gift cards to users on the other hand.

Asaad Noman, CEO of HungerStation, commented on this partnership, saying: We are pleased with this collaboration, which gives a large segment of our customers the full opportunity to benefit from the services of the application and shop through it unhindered in payment through our partnership with LikeCard, the leader in its field as the #1 platform for Prepaid digital cards in the MENA Region.

Ammar Al-Soos, Executive Director of LikeCard Company, said: We are proud of our partnership with HungerStation, the first Saudi food delivery app in the region offering the largest selection of restaurants, shops, bakeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, and flower shops exceeding +20,000, which will allow us to reach a vast group of the best brands lovers.

About HungerStation

HungerStation is the largest food ordering platform in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2012 AD, HungerStation is the first food delivery application in the Kingdom that started in Khobar city and spread to more than 100 cities in Saudi Arabia. HungerStation operates in the KSA, Bahrain, and the UAE and partners with + 35,000 restaurants and stores. Customers can browse the largest selection of restaurants and groceries in Saudi Arabia with dozens of internationally established brands and local cuisine restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and flower shops.

Over the past 10 years, HungerStation company has invested in technologies that have achieved significant growth in the sector and attracted investors, which positively affects the Saudi economy.

About LikeCard

LikeCard is the #1 Prepaid Card eCommerce Platform in the MENA Region, flaunting a proud catalog of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands. LikeCard also has 8m+ users, and 85,000+ purchase orders daily.







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