How To View All Your Visited Places on Google Maps


Google Maps Timeline allows us to see and browse all the places we’ve visited and keep track of all the distances we’ve traveled both on foot and in cars. In 2015, Google significantly updated its Google Maps application. The timeline became clearer and more accurate. It permits taking photos of certain locations to get a comprehensive view of all the places we have been on the go.

This feature has become essential because it shows your weekly or monthly activities. The following steps will explain how you can view all the places that you have visited over the past weeks or months.

How to view your location history in Google Maps app:

In the first step, launch the Google Maps app on your phone. Tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner. From the newly opened menu, select the third option that says Your Timeline. You will find your timeline and all the places you visited ‘Today’.

You can scroll between days and months by clicking on the small arrow next to ‘Today’. Select any day to see how far you have traveled or the highlights of the places you visited. This is almost everything to check all the places you have been on Google Maps.

How to turn off location history:

What if you want to disable this feature to prevent Google from tracking you to all the places you visit? To do so, open the Google Maps application, then click on your profile picture. Tap on the third option ‘Your Timeline’, and from the map, click on the small location icon and then on ‘Enabled’.

Now it will enable you to choose the Google account on which you want to disable your location history. Choose your account, and immediately you will be taken to the ‘Activity Controls’ page.

From the middle of the page, you can turn off ‘Location History.  A page will appear with some instructions. Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Pause’. That’s all!

The timeline is a great feature in Google Maps because it shows you all the places you visited on the go. However, if you get annoyed by Google’s constant tracking of you, you can easily pause it by following the previous steps.

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