How to Stop AutoPlay Videos on Firefox


How many times have you surfed the internet via the Mozilla Firefox browser only to be surprised by annoying video pop-up ads? Sure, you come here looking for an effective method to disable the auto-playing videos on Firefox, right?

If yes, then the good news is that there is indeed an easy and successful way to solve this issue. However, this method may not work with some websites, but it is effective with more than 99.9% of websites.

How to turn off auto-play videos on Firefox

Fortunately, Firefox has a built-in feature within its settings that allows disabling automatic video playback on most websites that contain video ads. All you have to do is go to settings and search for the feature to turn off the audio and video auto-play, and that’s it. So, let us guide you through the steps accurately and briefly.

• First, open Firefox on your computer and click on the hamburger menu to your top right, and from the drop-down menu scroll down and tap on Options — see the previous image for a better explanation.

• Second, click on the Privacy & Security panel to your left and scroll down to the AutoPlay setting as shown in the previous image. Then, in front of this option, tap on Settings. A new window is going to be opened with some new settings.

• Now AutoPlay – Settings window will appear, from it and under Default for all websites click on the dropdown menu:

Allow Audio and Video: enable auto-play on both audio and video. This is the option we want to disable.

Block Audio: disable the audio from the video, but it will not stop playing the videos.

Block Audio and Video: This is the third option we need to disable video and audio autoplay on all websites.

• Choose the last option from the settings menu as shown in the previous image and click from the bottom on Save Changes to keep the changes we made.

Note that these settings will not take effect until you restart Firefox. Just save the opened pages, close the browser and open it again and check the result. Do videos still play automatically on websites while surfing? Or have their autoplay turned off?

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