How to Shoot HDR10+ Video with Samsung Galaxy Phone


Smartphones have come a long way over the last decade, with several features that have greatly improved cameras and photographic capabilities. Thanks to larger and higher-resolution sensors and computational photography, they can take stunning photos and videos even when shooting in low and dim lighting.

The improvements did not focus only on images but fortunately also on shooting and recording videos. Apart from better quality and 4K resolution, most smartphones nowadays can also shoot HDR videos. 

Most or perhaps all Samsung flagship and mid-range phones can produce HDR10+ videos, offering a better dynamic range and colors.

However, since this feature is still in beta, Samsung has tucked it inside the Camera app settings. That is why many do not know exactly how to find or take advantage of it.

Don’t worry! Through this short report, we will show you how to shoot HDR10+ videos on any Samsung Galaxy phone to get professional and high-quality videos.

What are the benefits of recording video in HDR10+?

First announced by Samsung back in 2017, HDR10+ is an improved version of HDR10 that offers enhanced colors, contrast, and brightness. It builds on HDR by adding dynamic metadata to the video file to represent each scene more accurately on a frame-by-frame basis. In a nutshell, HDR10+ videos will offer a better dynamic range and show up to a billion colors compared to regular videos.

While this sounds similar to Dolby Vision, the technologies are different. HDR10+ is supported by streaming services like Prime Video, Google Play Movies, and streaming devices like the Chromecast with Google TV and Roku Express 4K/4K+.

You need an HDR10+ certified TV or display to watch the videos in all their glory. HDR videos could play with completely off or washed-out colors on incompatible devices.

How to record HDR10+ video on your Samsung Galaxy phone:

Samsung has been offering the ability to record HDR10+ videos for a few years now, though you’ll be limited to shooting at 30fps. You also cannot record HDR10+ videos from the front camera.

Now, let’s show you the steps to record HDR10+ videos on supported Samsung Galaxy phones.

1- Open the Camera app and tap the Settings icon in the top-left corner.

2- Under Videos, tap on Advanced recording options. Now, enable the HDR10+ videos option.

As the “Labs” icon itself indicates, the feature is still in beta, which perhaps explains why Samsung does not surface it in the main Camera app interface. Now, any video you shoot will be saved in HDR10+ format. If you switch to 8K resolution or increase the frame rate, the HDR10+ will automatically disable itself.

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