How to Share YouTube Music Playlists with Others


YouTube Music is one of the most popular streaming music services thanks to its cheap subscription, as for only $ 10 monthly you can broadcast millions of songs. Have you ever wondered how you can share your favorite songs or even a full song list with your friends or family?

Fortunately, the Google broadcasting service allows sharing the song lists you prefer with other people very easily and without any trouble.

In this brief report, we will show you an explanation with pictures containing all the instructions on how to share your favorite YouTube playlist of songs with others. We will also discuss how to share single songs or add YouTube music songs to Snape Chat.

The steps are handy, but if you have not done them before, you may find them difficult. However, do not worry, we are here to help you. Let’s say no more and dive into detail about how to share the YouTube Music playlist with your friends.

How to share YouTube song playlists with others

• In the first step, open the list of songs you want to share. Then, click on the menu icon i.e., the three vertical dots next to the song list name — see the previous image for illustration.

Now from the drop-down list, tap on “Share”, the icon of a circular arrow heading right — see the previous image for better clarification.

• In the last step, the list of social networking platforms that you are allowed to share song lists on will appear. Also, note that you can share the songs via email, allowing you to share songs with specific people.

That is all for sharing your YouTube Music playlist with others. But what do you do if you want to share certain singles? The good news is that you can already share single songs with whomever you like.

• Open the YouTube Music app, search for the song you want to share, and in front of it, click on the menu icon, which has the form of three vertical dots, and choose from the drop-down Share option, which appears to you in the form of a circular arrow pointing to the right – see the previous image. Select which social media platform you want to share the song on or email to share it with specific people.

How to share your YouTube Music playlist on your Snapchat Stories

• Luckily, Google has made an enormous contribution to facilitating the ability to share your favorite YouTube Music playlist on Snapchat Stories. You can follow the same steps we mentioned above — open the YouTube Music app, then find the list of songs you want to share. Click on the 3-vertical dots icon, and from the drop-down menu, choose the Share option shown as an icon that has an arrow pointing to the right.

• If you want to share an individual song, you will need first to find and play it. Once you tap on the Snapchat app icon, the song will be directly shared on your Snapchat Stories. You can add overlays on the music thumbnails, and then you can share them with your followers.

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