How to Set Your Homepage on Google Chrome Browser


Tired of looking at the same Google logo every time you open your Chrome browser? If yes, you don’t have to always put up with looking at it. Maybe you don’t even use the search bar that much or frequently visit one website all day, so it’ll be easier for you if the browser displays that website as the home page of your browser.

Luckily, all browsers allow changing the startup page address. But, let’s take you on a quick tour to show you how to set the home page on the Google Chrome browser through a few steps, and the steps work the same for both Mac and Windows.

How to Set the Homepage in Chrome

We don’t know about other web browsers, but you may not know that you can introduce a Home button on Chrome. Clicking it will bring you back to the homepage. With this, you will not have to search for your regularly visited site. You can add the Home button next to the top search bar. So, let’s see how.

First, click the three dots on the top right corner of the browser and pick Settings.

A new window containing all your browser settings is going to open. From the left of the window, click on the fourth option Appearance, then from the right section, toggle the Show Home button to On – see the image of the previous example.

Do not close this window before you set the startup page. Underneath, pick the second option of the blank box with “Enter custom web address” written in it, and type in the URL you want to set as the homepage.

Once you make this change, it’ll be saved automatically, and the Home button will appear at the top left corner of the browser. Now, when you click the Home button, you’ll be redirected to the URL you just entered and set as the Home Page.

How to set the home page

The page you chose a while ago will not appear to you unless you click on the Home button located in the upper left corner of the browser. But, when you first launch the browser, the same default page and the usual Google logo will appear. So, what do you do to change the home page when you first start your browser?

The steps are quite simple. As before, click the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser and pick Settings.

From the new window, click On start-up in the menu on the left. You will notice three different options. The first option “Open the new tap page” is the default setting, which opens a blank page with the Google logo when you first launch the browser. The second option is “Continue where you left off”, which will open the last page you were surfing before you closed the browser the previous time. The third option we are going to set up — “Open a specific page or set of pages” allows you to change the main start page.

Two new options will appear, click on the first one “Add a new page” and input the page manually you want to set as the home page to always open on startup, then tap on Add, and that’s it!

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