How to Set Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp


One of the most popular and widely used chatting platforms, WhatsApp, has tons of cool features that are mostly of real use, or at least most of them are. Almost all chat apps never allow you to change the quality of the uploaded image, but WhatsApp reverses this completely.

Perhaps this is the first time you know that you can set photo upload quality on WhatsApp. That is true, and this feature is buried deep inside the settings options. Therefore, in this article, we decided to show you how you can access this option from within the settings and adjust it to your preference.

This step does not require any prior experience in dealing with WhatsApp. All you need is to follow the below explanation with pictures of how you can access this setting in order to change the quality of uploading images on WhatsApp.

How to Change Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp:

In the first step, open WhatsApp on your smartphone, and from the main window, tap the three vertical dots at the top-right or top-left – depending on the language of the phone that you have, whether it is in English or Arabic.

After tapping the three-dot icon, from the drop-down menu click on the Settings option.

Now, you are inside the main settings window. Go to the “Storage and Data” option, which is the fourth just below the “Notifications” option.

From the “Storage and Data” window, you will find an option under the name “Photo upload quality” in the same section of “Media upload quality”.

As soon as you click on this option, a new pop-up window will open named “Photo Upload Quality”, which contains three options: “Auto”, “Best Quality”, and “Data Saver”. The first option allows WhatsApp to make the appropriate decision based on the image you are trying to upload. The second lets you upload the image in the highest possible quality, while the last will compress the image to save the data.

That’s all! Choose the quality that suits you best and then click “OK”. This feature is very beneficial since it enables you to control the upload of quality photos on WhatsApp. This is a unique advantage that is not found in many other applications but is available in Facebook Messenger application as well.

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