How To Resize Images in Photoshop Without Losing Quality


When you want to resize an image, any image, the rule of thumb says that you can always make it smaller. It’s only when you want to make it bigger, that it becomes a problem. There’s a simple explanation behind this rule.

To make an image smaller, the editing software programs like Photoshop or GIMP simply get rid of some pixels – pixels are small squares in the shape of dots responsible for creating the dimensions of the image – to condense everything down.

Thus, when the image is scaled down, the original image quality remains the same. However, to make an image bigger, it needs to fill out information where there was none before. Then these programs are forced to extend the original pixels and fill them with the same information available in the smaller image, and here comes the problem, this process distorts the accuracy and clarity of the image’s details. Luckily, it’s not a losing battle and some apps can enlarge images without losing quality, mostly with the help of artificial intelligence.

How to Enlarge an Image Without Losing Quality

If you want to enlarge an image without losing its quality, you must use editing programs that operate by artificial intelligence techniques. There are dozens of applications you can benefit from in this regard, but most of them are limited in some features and may impose many restrictions on you to subscribe to its paid plans.

Photoshop CC price is a bit high, but fortunately, you only pay the money once and so this program becomes a bargain by all standards.

You should practice a lot to use it because it contains a huge number of tools and functions that may sometimes be very complicated.

Now, we will show you how to enlarge images in Photoshop CC without losing their quality.

• In the first step, open Photoshop CC on your computer, then open the image you want to make bigger by clicking File from the upper right corner, then choose Open from the drop-down menu, search for the image path and insert it into the program.

• Now we need to activate the main feature that we want. Click Edit from the top and choose Preferences at the end of the drop-down menu, then pick Technology Preview.

There, ensure Enable Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale is enabled and press OK

• Navigate back to your picture, and go to Image > Image Size​​​​​​. In the popup, change the dimensions of the image to your desired size, but don’t press OK just yet.

• Finally, next to Resample, instead of Automatic, pick Preserve Details 2.0, and from there you can adjust the “Noise” level in the image to get rid of the noise that causes the image distortion and press OK. You will get the same image in a larger size with the help of AI without losing its quality.

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