How to permanently Delete Your Telegram Account


You are absolutely free if you make your final decision on whether to keep or not use Telegram anymore. Although Telegram is a more secure and solid messaging platform than WhatsApp, no one has the right to blame you for your personal opinion.

Telegram allows you to omit your personal account either through your smartphone app or the web. In this article, we will quickly show you how to delete a Telegram account with pictures.

You have to note something significant. If you decide to remove your account from the mobile platform, you will have to wait about a month, at least until your account completely disappears from existence. However, if you go to the company’s web, you can delete the account immediately without waiting.

Although it may seem a little complicated to many users, it is actually worth it, especially if you have made the decision to delete your account for any reason.

If you decide to omit the account via the web, there is one more step, but the whole process is smooth. Just follow this step-by-step guide and through the instructions and the screenshots we will explain below, you will be able to delete your account without any hassle.

How to delete your Telegram account from the phone app

Open the Telegram application on your smartphone and log in. Next, tap on the three horizontal bars’ icon from the upper left corner, then from the drop-down list click Settings.

There, choose Privacy & Security, then under Delete My Account you will find “If away for”. Here, from the pop-up titled Self-destruct account, select 1 month which means that your account will be automatically deleted or self-destructed after one month of its last use.

Now, you have to log out of the account, and Telegram will delete your account automatically after a month of not using it. If you want to kill the account immediately without waiting all this time, the next paragraph will show you how…

How to delete a Telegram account on the web

For those who can’t wait a month, Telegram allows you to immediately kill your account and data as well. The tool is only accessible on the web, on the desktop as well as on any mobile browser. Make sure you log into your account on the phone as well, since this process necessarily requires access to the phone, otherwise you will not be able to complete the deletion process.

Now, head over to the My Telegram web portal, enter your Telegram phone number in the empty field under Your Phone Number, then click Next.

A confirmation code will be sent to you via Telegram. Enter the code in the Confirmation code box and click Sign In.

Finally, a new window titled Your Telegram Core will be open. Click on the second option Delete Account, then select the red Yes, Delete My Account option.

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