How to Enable ‘Enhanced” Search in Windows 10


The default search system of Windows 10 easily allows you to find files. But what if the file you are looking for is safely tucked away somewhere in your PC that can’t be found by default search and, at the same time you can’t remember its path? That’s where Enhanced search comes in. Enhanced search is a handy tool that helps you to locate any file on your PC. In this article, you will learn more about Enhanced search, how to use it in Windows 10, and what exactly it is.

What is Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10?

In fact, Windows 10 features several search settings that you can use to look for files, documents, apps, settings, devices, network and internet, and personalization, among others. All you need to do is click (Win + I), and you’ll see the Find a setting search bar in front of you.

The Windows default search mode, on the other hand, excludes certain locations in your PC or drives when searching.

Enhanced search is another search option within Windows 10. It makes finding files on your PC quicker and easier. The sole purpose of Enhanced Search is to make you absolutely free from using any third-party apps or tools needed to look for files on your PC.

Enabling Enhanced search greatly improves your search success rate. However, it may take longer periods during searches compared to Window’s default search mode.

What You Need to Know Before Enabling Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10

Keep in mind, enabling Enhanced search mode in Windows 10 could take a while to complete indexing of your data on the hard disk. For instance, if you are using a laptop, you will need to connect it to the mains or at least make sure that it is charged enough during this process because it will increase the intense consumption of the CPU and hard disk.

As such, it is better not to use your computer during this process. This does not mean that you will not be able to do anything while this is ongoing in the background. However, doing so will apply an extra burden to your hardware until the process is completed successfully.

How to Enable Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10

Here’s how to enable Enhanced search mode in Windows 10 so you can find anything you are looking for on your PC better. Just follow these steps and remember the tips we talked about in the previous paragraphs.

Begin by opening the Settings app. To do so, click on the Start menu and then type Settings in the search bar at the bottom. Once the Settings entry appears, click on it.

In the search box, type Permissions, and History, and from the search results click on the option “Improve Search Results by using my device search history”. Thus, you will be taken directly to the Permissions and History window.

By default, Windows Search will search the web, apps, settings, and files to give you relevant results. You can change this for more accurate and faster searches. To do so, click Searching Windows.

From the new window, scroll down to the Find My Files settings. Notice, the default search mode is classic. To enable Enhanced searching, click on the small circle next to Enhanced.

That is all for enabling Enhanced Search Mode on Windows 10.

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