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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search


Many websites can switch between dark mode and light mode. Google Search is no different, as you can turn the entire search experience into dark mode. You may be wondering why Google decided to develop the dark theme feature on the main search engine and why most of us prefer it over a light theme.

All reports and scientific research have found that the dark color scheme is better for the cornea of ​​the human eye than the light color scheme, especially during use indoors, that is, when using in dark rooms and while looking at the phone in the late hours of the night. Additionally, many users reported feeling more comfortable switching to dark mode.

Although creating humankind enables them to see things better in daylight, development makes seeing things sometimes in low light conditions possible. However, this is a major point of contention among all users: some prefer dark to light mode, and others opt for the opposite.

Some other reports have proven that dark theme helps extend your battery life. In a nutshell, if this pattern doesn’t do you any good, at least it won’t hurt you at all. Therefore, in this report, we decided to show you the steps on how to enable dark mode on Google search.

Turn On Dark Mode on Google Search on Desktop:

You can turn on the dark mode on Google search whether you are using a computer running Windows, Linux, Mac, or Chrome OS. All you have to do is use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether other browsers support dark mode on Google Search or not at this time. However, you can find out for yourself in the settings. To activate the dark mode on Google search, follow the following steps.

First, launch a web browser, then access the Google site by visiting the following link, and at the bottom-right corner of the Google site, click “Settings”.

Secondly, from the menu that opens, select “Search Settings.”

After that, On the “Search Settings” page that opens, in the left sidebar, click “Appearance.”

Finally, on the Appearance page, you will find three options. The dark mode is in the middle. Now concerning the other options, the first is for the light mode, and the last is the Default that works based on the operating system itself. If the operating system mode is dark, you can click on Default, and Google search will convert itself to the dark theme as well. Tap the blue Save tab and then OK to save the new settings.

Activate Dark Theme on Google Search on The Phone:

The steps on a smartphone are pretty much the same as on a desktop. Open the browser on the phone. Click on the icon of the three horizontal bars from the top right or top left, depending on the language of your phone. From the pop-up menu, select the Settings option, then in front of the Appearance settings, choose the second option, Dark Theme, then scroll the screen to the bottom and click the Save tab in blue to save the new settings.

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