How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Android


Apps updates are significant for staying on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and bringing many improvements that enhance the user experience.

Having apps automatically updated is an excellent Google Play Store feature. As soon as a new update is released, the application will often automatically update itself by default.

If you need to turn off automatic updates in Google Play Store, let’s see how and why you might do so.

First of all, you should update the Google Play Store app. There are a large number of users who want to disable this feature for one reason or another. For example, they may want to know what will change in their favorite apps before updating, so they can freely decide whether to move to this update or wait for the next one.

In other cases, the new update may contain a technical defect that causes the app failure to perform its functions optimally. One can know this by checking the reviews of who has downloaded the new update. Regardless of the reason, fortunately, there is already a simple way to disable the auto-update of apps on your Android phone. We will show you how to do it.

How to disable automatic apps update on Android

• In the first step, log in to the Google Play Store and tap your profile picture on the top right or left — depending on your phone language.

• A drop-down menu will appear containing a large number of options. Click on “Settings” at the bottom of the list.

• In the third step, and from the new list of options, expand the “Network Preferences” section because it contains what we are looking for to disable application auto-updates.

• From the new pop-up menu, go to “Auto-update apps”.

• In the last step, three new settings allow you to choose the update method you prefer for your applications:

  • The first option is “Over any network”, which means that applications are updated directly as soon as the phone has an Internet connection.
  • The second option is “Over Wi-Fi only”, which indicates that the applications will be updated via Wi-Fi only, meaning that there will be no self-download for updates if the data connection is on.
  • The third and final option, which is the one we need from this list, is “Don’t auto-update apps,” which means do not update apps at all.

Now choose the third option and tap “Done” to save the new changes.

That is all for disabling auto updates of apps on Android. Note that you will have to manually update your apps henceforward, which is a bit frustrating, especially if you have numerous apps on your Android phone.

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