How to Change the Refresh Rate on Windows 11


If you have a monitor with a high refresh rate, you already know the importance of refresh rate in providing a smoother experience of how things appear on your display. Windows 11 is stacked with new features, and the new Dynamic Refresh Rate feature makes your viewing experience smoother and better.

If you don’t know how important the refresh rate is, it is simply the number of times an image refreshes on your screen. If your monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, this means that the monitor will refresh the image 60 times per second before being displayed on the screen. Similarly, a 144Hz display will refresh the image 144 times per second before showing it. A higher refresh rate will make your graphics much smoother and improve your overall display experience, as well as prioritize outperforming your opponents in network gaming.

As such, the refresh rate is an essential part of improving the viewing experience and getting a comfortable visual experience. So, here’s how you can adjust the display refresh rate on a Windows 11 PC.

How to change monitor refresh rate on Windows 11:

If you’re on a Windows 11 PC, you can quickly adjust the screen refresh rate manually in a few clicks using the Settings app for the operating system. Now to change the screen refresh rate, perform the following steps in order:

• Launch the Start menu, and search for Settings.

• From the sidebar menu, click on System and then select the Display tab.

• Under the Related settings tab, click on Advanced display.

• You should now see a drop-down list of options next to Choose a refresh rate.

• Select the desired rate, and your changes should apply automatically.

• If you want to adjust the refresh rates of different displays, then select the required display from the previous settings and change the refresh rate for it individually.

This is everything you need to change the display refresh rate on Windows 11. In most cases, you don’t “really” need to change the refresh rate, especially if you are using a laptop since higher refresh rates consume more power from the battery.

But without a doubt, higher refresh rates make a faster and smoother visual experience, especially in competitive online games because it makes gamers a better chance of seeing their enemies before they can notice and outsmart them easily – at least theoretically. However, you can test it out yourself to determine if you really need to adjust the refresh rate on your screen.

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