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Eidiya for everyone: LikeCard Keyboard

"عايد باللي يحبونه" خلال عيد الأضحى المبارك

No joy compares to the happiness of Eid, one of the most beautiful occasions that fill people’s hearts with love and happiness. On this blessed day, it is integral for relatives and loved ones to gather to celebrate and exchange gifts.

Eidiyah (Eid money/gift) expresses the love and appreciation that bring friends and family together. Gifts and Eidiyah are carefully chosen to suit all tastes and can include electronic games for children, clothes, accessories, perfumes, and more. Everyone exchanges congratulations and greetings, strengthening family bonds and deepening individual relationships.

Various gifts can be given during the Eid days, including money, gift cards, clothes, and much more! To diversify this, LikeCard launched a campaign called “Give the Eidiyah They Love” in conjunction with Eid Al-Adha and introduced the “LikeCard Keyboard” service. This service aims to send greetings to people on Eid with a click via the latest update of LikeCard app. It is worth mentioning that LikeCard is the first and leading platform for prepaid digital cards in the MENA. Additionally, digital cards are a super option for greeting children and adults during Eid Al-Adha.

LikeCard offers 3000+ prepaid cards from over 70 brands ranging from telecommunications, games, digital services, and retail. These include digital game cards such as PUBG and PlayStation, shopping cards such as Shein, Amazon, and Noon, telecommunications and internet cards, and music cards such as Anghami, and many more. All you have to do is activate the LikeCard Keyboard service, purchase one of the best-selling digital cards on the LikeCard platform, and present it to your loved ones during the days of Eid and any other occasion with just a button.

Eventually, the joy of Eid and the gifts between relatives reflect the spirit of compassion and solidarity and contribute to building strong and sustainable family relationships. Alongside the individual happiness felt when receiving gifts, these joyful moments strengthen family bonds and create long-lasting, unforgettable memories.

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