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Double the Fun: LikeCard and Yango Play Collide for an Exclusive Card Deal

Yango Play

LikeCard, the leading provider of digital prepaid cards in the MENA region, and Yango Play, the first AI-powered entertainment service that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games in one place, announced a strategic partnership. Through this exciting collaboration, LikeCard became a distributor of Yango Play cards, providing users with a safe and convenient way to access the app’s vast library of content.

The collaboration between LikeCard and Yango Play ensures a seamless integration of their respective platforms, providing users with a smooth and intuitive experience. Whether it’s redeeming Yango Play prepaid cards or managing payments, users can easily navigate through the LikeCard app or website, making the entire process convenient and user-friendly. This partnership aims to enhance customer satisfaction by combining the strengths of both platforms to deliver a unified and enjoyable entertainment experience.

Ammar Al Soos, the CEO of LikeCard, has expressed great enthusiasm about the partnership with the Yango Play super app. “This partnership with Yango Play is a monumental step for LikeCard as we continue to expand our digital footprint across the MENA region. We are pleased to be the first and exclusive distributor of Yango Play cards.”

About Yango Play  

Yango Play, an all-in-one entertainment super app is a pioneering AI-powered entertainment service that combines video, music streaming, and mini-games into a single platform. Launched in the GCC, it offers a seamless and comprehensive entertainment experience. Subscribers enjoy a vast selection of video content, including beloved classics and exclusive new releases, spanning movies and TV series from the Middle East, Turkey, and Hollywood, all presented ad-free and in high quality. Additionally, the app features an innovative music stream that personalizes recommendations to match user preferences, blending international hits with regional favourites. Available on both Google PlayStore and iOS App Store, Yango Play stands out for its diverse content library and personalized entertainment experience. For more information about Yango Play and its offerings, visit

About LikeCard

LikeCard is the #1 Prepaid Card eCommerce Platform in the MENA Region, flaunting a proud catalog of over 3,000 prepaid cards from over 70 industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands. LikeCard also has 5m+ users and 85,000+ purchase orders daily.





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