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Talking about the best secure online video conferencing software, we should exclude Zoom and look for the top alternatives that allow online video conferencing very smoothly, just like Zoom. Since you are searching for programs other than Zoom, you definitely know how Zoom poses a threat to your privacy. It has many serious security problems because it deliberately disables the end-to-end encryption of conversations and conferences. You may also have heard of Zoombombing.

Many large corporations and business organizations have banned Zoom among employees. But regardless of privacy and security issues, you might want to try out the new features that other video conferencing apps and software offer, or maybe even you are tired of Zoom and want to try something different.

With the continued disruption of the lifeline within the corridors of companies as a result of social distancing laws and regulations in many countries and our increased dependence on communication and working from home, we all need these applications to contact co-workers, friends, and family members.

Fortunately, many of the competing video conferencing services and applications of Zoom have recently tried to add plenty of great features any user or business institution may need. So, in order not to elaborate more in the introduction anymore and bore you, let us dive into the best and most secure alternatives to Zoom for online video conferencing that we advise you to rely on.

1- Google Meet

Google Meet is almost the most popular solution currently used by individual users and companies seeking a secure way to communicate with employees and conduct video conferencing and presentations for free. It is worth noting that Google Meet was a paid service only and exclusive for G-Suite clients, but the company decided to make it free till the end of this year. Google Meet is a super-secure platform for video conferencing that allows a maximum of 250 participants per meeting to share meeting links to anyone even outside of your corporation.

Google is trying to make Google Meet the fiercest competitor to Zoom. Therefore, it recently added a grid-view feature that contains the photos of all the participants in the meeting. In addition, you can now add a custom virtual background if you feel embarrassed of the one behind you at home or because it is not suitable for business meetings. More recently, it has become possible to access Google Meet meetings from within your Gmail emails. It is expected that the company will provide more updates during the coming period to keep pace with the state of social distancing we live in and to be the unchallenged safe, and credible platform we can rely on to replace Zoom.

For a Google Meet conference, visit the following link.

2- Facebook Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms service managed to slap Zoom in the face after Facebook announced the ability to create free video chat rooms for up to 50 participants and an unlimited time. A very cool feature; is that Zoom only allows 40 minutes per meeting, but with a maximum of 100 participants. Even better, Facebook allowed people with Facebook accounts to join chat rooms through a browser link.

A lot of benefits are there for you to take advantage of during video conferencing, such as changing the general appearance of chat rooms and using augmented reality effects. The only downside to Messenger chat rooms is that they are not end-to-end encrypted, though Facebook assures that it does not eavesdrop on any meetings.

To create Facebook Messenger Chat Rooms, you can visit the following link.

3- Microsoft Teams

You are lucky if you want to use Microsoft Teams right now! Due to what humanity is suffering from after the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft decided to offer a free, full-featured version for 6 months. The free service is basically standard, but it has limited features. So, you might not like it or want to rely on it, given the many limitations. On the other hand, the paid version provides you with everything you could wish for and more. It enables you to hold video conferences with 300 people participating in the same session. There is more than one paid plan for Office365, which includes Office apps and services with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

To know the prices of paid plans and subscriptions and compare them, you can visit the following link.

4- Discord

Discord app is very popular among gamers in particular. Be sure it is an ideal alternative to Zoom for holding video conferences with some of your friends or colleagues in your company. Discord is completely secure since it depends on end-end encryption for conversations and video conferences. You can smoothly create a dedicated server that gives you the ability to make up several rooms at once. It is also possible to host video chats as well.

Fortunately, Discord has decided to increase the maximum number of participants in meetings from just 10 to 50. It is available on all operating systems, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and even via a web browser.

To download the Discord app on any device, please visit the following link.

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