Best Prominent Specs of Galaxy Watch 4 Make It Worth Purchase


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch has an awesome set of features that you could wish for in any smartwatch. In fact, all the watches in this series have unique specs that make them the favorite smartwatch for many users.

It is the best Wear OS smartwatch in 2021, especially if you’re using an Android phone instead of iOS. This smartwatch is a very fierce competitor to the Apple Watch when it comes to features.

The Samsung smartwatch has many features that any user would need. Some of them — we will undoubtedly highlight — make it a must-have smartwatch for everyday life that helps provide an optimal and extremely comfortable user experience.

Of course, your opinion may differ from us concerning the most prominent features of this watch. However, keep in mind, they are what we found for us very important, and that all users can benefit from in their daily lives.

1- Rotating Bezel

The rotating bezel is not new to Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It was and still is a standard feature on the Galaxy Watch series a few years ago. However, in our personal opinion, this is one of the most notable features that are worth highlighting because it makes the experience of using very easy, and it helps enormously to reduce the number of times you may need to touch the screen. Therefore, you will not need to clean the watch screen every now and then due to the ugly stains and blurs that our fingers cause from touching the screen frequently.

Plus, using the rotating bezel is satisfying and comfortable, like you’re spinning a little wheel to get a lot of information. Briefly, the rotating bezel feature of the classic Samsung watch is exceptional not found in its most expensive competitor smartwatches.

2- Integration with Spotify

Yes, it is not an exceptional or exclusive feature of the Galaxy Watch 4 Series, but this does not lead us to underestimate its importance. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers great Spotify integration, so you can get the best possible music control experience. It is worth noting that the watch does not have Spotify app by default, but you can download it later easily.

Once you play the songs on your smartphone, you will find yourself able to access the popup controls on the watch, not to mention the feature the app now supports listening to music offline. Thus, you can download a list of your favorite songs to the watch’s memory and enjoy it through wireless earbuds or Bluetooth headphones.

So, if Spotify is your main app for playing songs and music, you will definitely feel like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic or Galaxy Watch 4 was only invented for it.

3- Water lock

Inevitably, you will encounter a difficult situation that could cause the watch to be contaminated with water or liquids. Whether during washing hands, drinking juices, taking a shower, or even as a result of rain when you are outside. That is life, and this happens all the time without introductions.

The water lock feature in Galaxy Watch 4 Classic ensures not to cause accidental touch responses on its screen when it comes into contact with liquids that spill over it. Just remember to turn on the Water lock before you go out for a run while raining, and be sure that you will be able to use the watch very normally without any external influences from rain on the watch screen.

4- Measure stress levels

Due to today’s life difficulties, many factors may cause increased levels of stress. The consequences of this might be “chronic psychological depression” — God bless us all. Fortunately, Galaxy Watch 4 can help you in such critical situations. Just turn on Stress mode, sit for a minute, and wait for the result.

The watch will check your heart rate, whether regular or not, then tell you some tips to reduce your stress levels. If the watch shows that nothing to worry about, you can continue normally with the work that you are doing.

Do not try to use Stress Mode unless you really feel like you’re going through a stressful situation. Be assured you will get a set of the necessary advice to get rid of this crisis in an appropriate and simple way.

5- Electrocardiogram Reader (ECG)

This advantage is not exclusive to Samsung smartwatches alone. Nowadays, you will find that most smartwatches provide you with an electrocardiogram reader. The only problem with the ECG on the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it only works when pairing with another Samsung Galaxy phone. So. if you have an Android phone from any other brand, it is an insignificant feature. On the other hand, if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, only then will you realize the importance of having an ECG reader on your Samsung watch.

6- Disconnection alerts

If you lean heavily on your smartwatch to check your inbox and new notifications, you should make sure it’s connected to your smartphone at all times. It is necessary to activate the Disconnection alerts feature to receive a “Vibration” every time the connection with your phone is lost. It is a great feature, and you’ll realize its importance over time.

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