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Best Music Players on Android

أفضل تطبيقات تشغيل الموسيقى على الأندرويد

Who does not love music? It acts as food for the soul, helping them relax and relieve tension so much that it has the power to make you cry, and crying is known to relieve stress.

Music and wonderful sounds are worth listening to, but talking about music and its benefits is not the core of this article but rather about the best local music players on Android. If you are not interested in streaming music from the Internet, and you have entire libraries of lovely songs and audio tracks on your phone’s memory, then you just need the right music player app for you.

This report will present the best 5 Android music players in 2022. All of them are great options worth trying. Some may be familiar to you since they have been around for several years on the Play Store, but others you may hear about for the first time.

Although plenty of free and paid music-playing apps on the Play Store allow you to play music locally, we have tried to keep the list as compact as possible so as not to distract you. All of them deserve to give a try cause they got multiple features any of us might need while listening to music. Enough of the introductions; let’s get to know this list in order.

1- Lark

The Lark app has a modern and elegant user interface and comes with different playback modes exactly compatible with various genres of music. For example, you will find Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, HipHop, Heavy Metal, Pop, Jazz, and many playback modes, among which you can choose your favorite genre.

It can play all major formats of music and supports searching for song lyrics online. It has a powerful equalizer that helps to improve vocal bass, volume control, and frequency setting. The pro feature is the floating user interface that enables you to adjust the size and position of the app’s window while dealing with other apps at the same time. It also allows you to set your favorite music as a ringtone from the app itself. In addition, it works as a radio in some cases, and you can share music with your friends from within the app.

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2- Poweramp

One of the best and most popular music player apps for Android and is there on the Play Store for many years. Poweramp has millions of users and more than 1,400,000 reviews as well as it ranks high at 4.5 overall. It is more than excellent, supporting high-resolution audio export and internal 64-bit processing. It has a new DSP and an updated equalizer and plays many formats. In addition to the light and dark themes, you can enlarge the menus, use preset settings, or adjust the settings manually.

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3- Audify

One of the best-rated music player apps on the Play Store. It has an elegant design, a modern user interface, and an advanced five-band Equalizer to provide the best accuracy. This equalizer comes with frequency settings. You can browse songs from your library in six different ways, whether by playlists, folders, songs, albums, or artists.

Like many of the music player apps in this list, it has a good and simple widget, and you can create many playlists without any problem. You can also choose a ringtone from inside the app, which is a rare feature of Android music player apps. In addition, it supports more than 40 languages.

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4- Oto Music

Just have a look at the rating of this app on the Play Store, and you will find that all users prefer to lean on it. It may not be as popular as Poweramp or Audify, but no less in terms of features, functionality, widgets, and easy user interface. The application is simple to use and does not require prior experience. It supports gapless playback, and you will find many themes to choose from.

The best feature of Oto Music is it supports syncing lyrics, and you can download the lyrics from the internet and edit them whenever you want. Oto Music has a timer, a 5-band equalizer, many user interfaces to choose from, as well as you can create your own lists to play, export, and import songs. It has dark and light themes to choose from as per your preference and many more great features.

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5- Simple Music Player

This is another super cool option. Although it doesn’t have the huge number of features that you can find in Poweramp app, it has a clean and minimal user interface that contains the most important functions you may need. Moreover, Simple Music Player has a unique feature – as the app developer’s definition – it is battery friendly. You can also put your style on the app by customizing the interface colors. You can program which track/music you want to fall asleep with through the sleep timer feature.

Of course, it has an equalizer to tune the sound as you desire.  In addition, creating, customizing, and managing your playlists is so handy. You can even rename songs from the user interface. Simple Music Player -as the name suggests- puts all the huge amount of advantages in a super simple way.

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