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In 2012 and out of the blue, Gmail achieved a great victory and was able to surpass Hotmail very easily. Gmail became the most famous email service provider worldwide that all parties and business companies could rely on until the number of its users reached more than 1.5 billion users all over the world.

Do you know that there are many Gmail alternatives used by an enormous number of users? Now, if you want to create an email away from Gmail and Yahoo, here are our top free and recommended Gmail alternatives. Let’s dive right in!

1- iCloud Mail

All users of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Macs have an email account on iCloud. Basically, iCloud is an online cloud storage service that supports all Apple services, the most popular and used. Until the time of writing this article, there were more than 850 million users, but there is no accurate statistic about the number of iCloud mail users per month. As we just mentioned, iCloud mail integrates with Apple services, just like Microsoft and Outlook. It is worth noting that you can create an iCloud email even if you do not have an Apple device, and you will get access to 5 GB of cloud storage for messages. However, if you need more than this, you have no choice but to subscribe to paid plans. To create an account, click here.

2-Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail has not been around for quite a while, since 2008 exactly. It has grown like never before to the point that it has become one of the most complimentary email providers in the world. Best of all, it is ad-free, even for free users. Within a few years, the user base of Zoho had over 12 million monthly active users. Everything you imagine is available in Zoho Mail, from viewing conversations and organizing your inbox with drag-and-drop functionality to applying filters to change the main user interface. It should be noted that Zoho Mail is part of the suite of productivity desktop tools in which the Zoho Docs service is integrated to be a suitable alternative to Microsoft Office. To create an account, click here.


Unfortunately, Microsoft Corporation causes confusion for users when they think of using its services. However, if you want to create an account without going into any details, all you have to do is head to the outlook.com page and get a free account without any problem. Outlook account is useful because it is one of Microsoft’s services that integrated well into Windows OS. In addition, it works smoothly with Office 365 apps. To create an account, click here.

4-GMX Mail:

GMX Mail was developed by a well-known internet company in Germany. It prides itself to gain a good reputation over the past years for being secure, stable, and reliable widely. The number of GMX users does not exceed 15 million per month, but despite that, recommended as one of the costless email service providers in the world. GMX allows only 1GB of free file storage, and the maximum file attachment limit is 50MB. To create an account, click here.


ProtonMail is new in the email service providers’ world and is highly reputable for its values security and the confidentiality of its customers. A Swiss service created in 2014, ProtonMail guarantees very strong encryption methods and systems to protect messages. In fact, the company itself does not even have any authority to see users’ messages because there is no way available for them to do so. Thus, be completely assured of the confidentiality and privacy of your messages; they will not be sold to advertising companies to improve your targeting with ads as other popular mail services like Gmail and Outlook do. To create an account, click here.

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