Best Free Cloud Storage Services

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The development of smartphones is increasing day by day and so are their tasks. They are no longer limited to calling and taking mere photos. However, we use smartphones as a notebook to write down and arrange the tasks and important appointments we have to do. Mobile phones also replace textbooks, novels, and books. The electronic copies of books and files fill our phones to read and browse whenever we want.

Companies focus on evolving the specifications of smartphones’ cameras to make them take high-quality photos and videos, which requires a huge space to store.

With this huge number of files, apps, and photos on our phones, the storage space is often not enough, no matter how large. So, we started to resort to cloud storage. Therefore, in this article, we will present many options for cloud storage services at the lowest cost.

Google Drive

Coming from Google, this app gives a free storage space of 15 GB. You can upload and store any file for free. All you have to do is create a Google account at no cost and start uploading your files and photos. This space is enough for approximately 9,000 images.

You can access your files and photos at any time, and you can also share them with friends through your account.

Another available service is to store images through the Google Photos app, which provides free 15 GB as well, and when you need more, you can use 100 GB for $2 per month.


Mediafire allows 10 GB to store your files of all kinds for free and is characterized by easy access to these files whenever you want and from whatever device through your account. You can also share these files via e-mail or social networking sites. Also, you can easily download files sent to you. However, you should know Mediafire uses ads that may annoy you while downloading.


It is another cloud storage service that supplies 10 GB for no charge for various types of files. Employees in large corporations such as Twitter, Nike, and others usually prefer to use it.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft gives 5 GB at no cost. Enjoy easy search and access to your files and many other features when you link your account to Microsoft apps on your phone or device.

Get 5GB Free, in addition to an end-to-end encryption feature that guarantees complete privacy to keep your files and data confidential. You can also adjust privacy settings to control who you want to share your data with, and you can access your account from multiple devices.

Amazon Drive

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then Amazon drive is the best option for you as it gives you unlimited photo storage at no additional cost, plus 5 GB of free video storage.

Apple iCloud

You automatically get 5GB of free storage if you use any of Apple products. If not, you can take advantage of 1 GB free.

These were some of the free available options for additional space to store your photos and videos and keep them secure. You can benefit from some of them or combine more than one service to get more storage space.

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