6 Android Apps Need Regularly Update to Protect Your Privacy


Like never before, smartphones have evolved to the extent that we use them almost for everything: browsing websites, making payments and online purchases, watching videos, chatting with friends and family, playing games, and many other things. This makes taking care of their safety at all times a dire need.

Major operating systems like Android and iOS do a great job of facing the serious challenges and threats that arise every day in the world of cybersecurity. However, if you are not careful, your phone can get infected with viruses and malware.

You must be wondering now what to keep an eye on. Well, this article will shed light on the most important and prominent applications that need to be constantly updated to keep your information and privacy safe from intruders and hackers.

1- Update the main operating system

Fortunately, most Android phone manufacturers provide two years of major Android updates and almost three years of security updates. Samsung, for example, offers 3-year-OS-updates and 4-years-security-updates. Regardless of the type of phone, you must make sure that you have the latest operating system introduced by Google. If you cannot update your device to the up-to-date released operating system, then unluckily you have no choice but to buy another phone.

For iOS phones, it’s a little different, as Apple is interested in providing major system updates for at least 4 or 5 years. Thus, you are in great comfort if you own an iPhone.

Some users do not prefer upgrading to modern operating systems even if their phones support it and for reasonable reasons. Often, new operating systems initially contain many software bugs and result in problems with the user interface. You often encounter many annoying malfunctions with new operating systems.

If you are one of these users, you are risking the security of your phone and data. So, you must keep your phone updated whenever there are any newly available updates; because they are highly necessary since they contain security patches to fill in all the vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to breach the system and the security of the phone.

2- Update the browser app

Whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or any other browser, and even if you know exactly what you are doing and avoid all harmful sites and clicking on unsafe links, updating your browser app should be a top priority because hackers and scammers are waiting for any vulnerability in your browser operating system to be exploited in order to spy on your online activities. ​Constant updates protect you from these risks.

3- Update payments and banking services applications

We all have many banking and wallet applications on our phones. Many of us do not prefer to upgrade them constantly because often this may cause disruption of the service or encounter some problems with payment and deposit operations. Unfortunately, leaving the banking apps through which you make payments, deposit, or withdraw funds without keeping them up to date is very dangerous for your personal accounts. However, the new updates of these applications always keep you able to deal with all the risky scams and threats.

4- Update the keyboard app

You may be wondering what the purpose of updating the keyboard app is. Remember that you use the keyboard to type all your information. So, you mustn’t download any keyboard app unless you are absolutely sure it is a safe, reliable, and spyware-free app that may have the ability to know your personal accounts through your keyboard clicks. For iOS, such apps don’t come with individual updates, but mostly general security patches that contain security updates and bug fixes for the iPhone keyboard app.

5- Update Documents applications

Nowadays, there are many docs apps on smartphone systems. But why do you constantly have to update your document applications? Because they might contain important information related to your job and profession. Thus, some tech loopholes in them may be exploited to spy on your privacy. As a result, you should make sure to get any new updates for your document applications on your phone.

6- Update antivirus apps

We no longer have to download anti-virus apps on our mobile phones because operating systems have a built-in security framework that is 100% capable of dealing with all serious threats very rigorously. However, some prefer relying on anti-virus apps as a kind of precaution or as an additional security firewall on their phones.

Third-party antivirus applications can counter all kinds of dangerous and malicious attacks as they arise, possibly faster than operating systems. Therefore, having an antivirus app on your phone, you must make sure it is always up to date.

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