5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Charging Slowly. Here’s The Solution

"5 أسباب لماذا يتم شحن هاتفك ببطء: ها هو الحل "

A cell battery contains two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and an electrolyte. Through usage, ions form in the electrodes, which drive a flow of electronics to your battery’s negative outer terminal, thereby giving off a charge. In non-rechargeable batteries, such as a TV remote or wall clock, these chemical reactions only occur one time. With rechargeable batteries, like the ones found in phones, the chemical reactions are “reversible.” Thus, recharging allows the cell to absorb power again.

In broad terms, there are two ways to charge your smartphones: wired and wirelessly. There are pros and cons for both. Now that we know how the phone battery charges, it’s high time to find out why your phone battery is charging slowly and how to deal with this problem.

1- Bad Accessories

Yes, probably nothing is wrong with your smartphone; it’s most likely the charger, the cable, or a weak power source. Cables can become quickly worn as a result of their use and different conditions as they are generally bent and coiled incorrectly, and sometimes we step on them unintentionally. So, before you give your final judgment, you should change the cable, buy a good quality one, and see if it makes a noticeable difference in charging speed.

Another reason for the slow charging might be the type of adapter (charger) you are using. Use a compatible and certified adapter able to pass an electric current even at high temperatures. It is not necessary to be the original out-of-the-box charger, but it is obligatory to be certified with a high-quality brand.

There is no problem charging the phone through computer USB ports. But be sure that it will not be as fast as using the charger adapter when connecting it to the wall. Because depending on your computer’s age and the speeds of the USB ports, the real charging speed may vary a lot.

2- Port Issues

With frequent use, your phone’s charging port could also suffer some damage. Try to clean the port and its metal chips, being very careful not to cause damage to the port’s components. You can carefully use a plastic toothpick to remove any objects. Using a small, soft brush inside the port is also good.

3- Background Apps

Just as they cause the phone to run out of charge quickly, they can also cause phones to take forever to charge. Both Android and iOS have tools to find out what apps are running in the background. For Android-based devices, check out the Battery settings in the Settings app (or it might be under a section like the Security app). For iPhone, select Battery in the Settings app to see which apps are using the battery the most. Look for apps that have minimal time usage but questionably high battery usage. When you think you’ve located the nasty app, delete it and replace them with battery-friendly apps.

4- Aging Battery

If your phone is more than two or three years old, it might be time to think about having the battery replaced. Lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever and have a life span estimated at the number of completed charge times. If you’re lucky, your phone might have a removable back, while it’s rare now, so that you can easily buy a replacement battery and swap it out. However, it’s more likely that you’ll need to take your phone to a repair shop that specializes in your type of phone to have the battery replaced.

5- Using the Phone While Charging

Are you the type of person that uses your smartphone while it’s charging to surf the internet or Facebook and other social media apps? Perhaps you’re the reason the device takes so long to recharge. Those apps are notorious for sapping battery life and consuming its energy. Some phones struggle to provide power for use and charge at the same time. Therefore, put your phone down and let it charge in peace.

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